Trade Handling

Canadian Metec Limited (CML) has been engaging in international trade operations since 2001. Our expertise entails instruments and measuring systems for a variety of industries, especially steel-making, environment protection and public security.

We provide a diverse range of services regarding trade handling. We serve as general large scale purchase contractor, small retail sales dealer, as well as sales distributor/agent. In addition to providing all packages of the export and import operation services, we implement business support such as financing and on-site engineering.

CML performed a myriad of purchase procedures, including public bidding, negotiating and finance solution. Through our local business partners, we were able to join business activities of local currency purchase in China.

CML has helped our customers to overcome a variety of obstacles through bilingual communication. Through solving problems of language, culture, technology, trust and understanding, CML successfully performs a crucial bridging function in all aspects of business trade.

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  • Address:No. 28 Finch Ave. West, Unit 202
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