Site Service

Besides business operations, Canadian Metec Limited (CML) provides additional services:

Business trip organization
In different stages of business operation, the physical appearance of a delegate is necessary. CML has been designing and organizing efficient and economic business trips for many years. Selected within a myriad of options, arrangements are made according to optimize your travelling experience. Such business trips always lead to business internationally, either in China, North America or Europe.

Travel arrangement
We provide all packages of travel arrangement services, including high-quality hotel and transportation at a competitive cost. You will feel right at home.

Trade show
Expose your company or product to the Chinese market by attending local trade shows. CML provides comprehensive orchestration of events and necessary personal supply. Through thoughtful preparation, all potential customers are made to present on the site.

Training and Engineering service
For big or small project alike, on-site training and daily services can be provided by our local partners. The training course can be arranged on site of end-users or manufacturers. National level training course or seminar can be available if necessary.

Your office in China and Canada
For small to medium sized companies, CML provides office facility without the risks and costs associated with establishing an overseas branch office.

In Beijing, China and Toronto, Canada we also offer phone, fax, email, secretary and computer services. Tender document and correspondence are available for companies newly introduced into the Chinese market.

  • Tel: 1-647-349-5486
  • Fax: 1-647-349-5487
  • Email:
  • Address:No. 28 Finch Ave. West, Unit 202
  •   Toronto, ON, Canada M2N 2G7